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What is marketing?  It can be seen as many things, depending on one's perspective and place along the "marketing continuum."

One website provides 72 definitions of "marketing."   Perhaps the most simple and elegant comes from Ann Handley who offers, "Marketing is anything you create or share that tells your story."


Jay Wilkinson had a story to tell.  The successful business executive and former All-American football player at Duke University sought to become a motivational speaker following his retirement from the corporate world.  As the son of a famous father--Jay's dad, Bud Wilkinson, was a legendary football coach at the University of Oklahoma--Jay had given talks for years.  He wanted to formalize that pursuit and reached out to Turn-Key Enterprises.

As it turned out, Jay not only wanted to ramp up his motivational speaking endeavors, but also, to develop a book project based on a series of letters his father had written him while Jay was in college.  Having just completed work on a manuscript for his first book, Tim and Jay began work together on multiple fronts: marketing Jay's speaking career, developing a website to promote those efforts and collaborating on the book.

Jay's initial concept became Dear Jay, Love Dad: Bud Wilkinson's Letters to His Son, published by the University of Oklahoma press.  Tim and Turn-Key also supported Jay's promotional book tours, creating a DVD along with printed collateral materials, and offering strategic counsel on the tour itself.  

The graphic user interface for the menu to that DVD is show above.  The book remains available on

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